Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What other means of payments are there apart from cash and credit cards?

Answer 1

Sensor Dynamics understands the needs of each individual customer and therefore has adapted other means of transaction payments other than using cash, coins or credit cards. Our machines can also use any form of EFTPOS card. Additionally, customers can pay using QR codes (codes from tickets), bar codes or even the Pay Wave technology using your smartphone.

Question 2: Are the pay machines waterproof?

Answer 2

All materials used to construct the external casing of the pay machine have been selected with waterproofing in mind. Like all electronic devices, we do not recommend commissioning pay machines in an outdoor environment as they are more prone to theft, vandalism and damage due to external weather. Having said that, many customers get their own custom outdoor protection pieces made up to suit.

Question 3: How often will I need to empty out the pay machine? How long does it take?

Answer 3

This all depends on how many credit card transaction vs cash transactions the pay machine is doing on average. Typically a busy large shopping centre would empty out the machine daily, or bi daily. A smaller retailer may only need to do this weekly or even biweekly. This would take an experienced teller only a few minutes to complete.

The machine can be custom programmed to hold up to 1000 notes.

Additionally, each of the 4x coin hoppers have the capacity to hold up to 1000 coins each.

Question 4: Does Sensor Dynamics offer after sales services?

Answer 4

As part of Sensor Dynamics high level of service, we offer extensive training to the users of the car park to monitor, clean and service the equipment regularly. Alternatively, we also offer preventative maintenance contracts which ensures our highly-trained technicians will maintain all sub components on the pay machines.

It is advised that the equipment is regularly cleaned and serviced to reduce the level of downtime activity of the system.